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COVID-19 Funds Have Accumulated More Than 57 Million GHS.

Ms. Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, Director of the General Office, revealed that as of mid-December 2020, in addition to in-kind donations organized by the company, the COVID-19 National Trust Fund has also received 57.15 million GHS in cash donations.

 Mrs. Osé-Oparé announced this in the 72nd New Year School. He pointed out that to date, the fund has spent 49.29 million GHS for various programs.

 The beneficiary institutions include the Ghana Health Service, some hospitals and medical institutions, COVID-19 care management centers, isolation, laboratory and testing centers, some associations, nursing homes and orphanages, etc.

 The two-day project was organized by the School of Continuing and Distance Education of the University of Ghana, with the theme of "Building Ghana in the face of the global health crisis".

 Mrs. Osei-Opare said that the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the ability to provide basic public goods and services, especially in the health sector.

 "The virus has adversely affected all aspects of infrastructure, security, public order, health, social protection and assistance, education, housing, labor, and actually social well-being.

 She said: "The resulting skills gap, lack of capacity, loss of jobs and economic opportunities will require the government to create more in the future."

 She further pointed out that the country's way forward is to rely more on technology, innovation and digital governance to produce goods and provide services.

 "To this end, the government has worked with the private sector and international development partners to take measures to ensure that the digital divide is resolved.

 She added: "The COVID-19 pandemic also illustrates the importance of the relationship between government and society and the need for trust between citizens and government."

 Ms. Osei-Opare said that in the face of challenges, the government is committed to maintaining the rule of law, accountability, democratic processes and good governance in accordance with its obligations under international human rights law.

 According to her, this pandemic has prompted governments around the world to take extraordinary response measures to manage the impact of the virus.

 She said that this situation has also led to the passage of the Restriction of Implementation Act of 2020 (Act 1012) and various administrative documents.

 Ms. Osei-Opare said that such measures “have greatly contributed to the relatively low infection rates in Ghana and Africa compared to other parts of the world.

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