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Photos: Check Out Ghanaians' Reactions After Coming Across The Largest Banana Tree In The World

There is some news you do not come across every day. Most people know that almost every plant has different species depending on the location. The normal size of a banana tree has different varies in the form of colour, there are some which have red, yellow, blue, violet peels.

But when it comes to the size, it appears most Ghanaians have not come across a banana tree as tall as a fully grown timber in the forest. Looking that the pictures below, you can notice a very tall banana tree that even the man standing by it looks like a 'baby' beside it.

Sources indicate that the leaves can be 2.5 meters long and the size of the ripe banana is that of a newborn baby. This is quite strange as something like this really proves that there is a Maker of everything that we see in this world. This banana tree is located in Papua, New Guinea.

Just look at the size of the banana the man is holding in his hands, this is very strange and wonderful. You can eat one and be satisfied.

Check out the reactions of Ghanaians after coming across this wonderful banana tree:

A Facebook user known as Dennis Hunter said that "It’s not GMO. The species name is Musa Ingens and is found in the hills of Papua New Guinea. It’s not propagated because it grows too slowly for farming and the bananas don’t taste nice". 

Another Facebook user known as Molla Ismail reacted that "The land is nature Virgin reach no chemicals".

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