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Digitization is only a convenient way to pay more, not an economic solution.

The world is in a technological age, and it moves on that tangent. You either join the digitalization drive or you are left behind. There is, therefore, a merit in wanting to digitize anything and everything in governance. 

However, the question that we must answer is that; is digitization or digitalization a substitute for economic prosperity? Definitely no. 

For instance, when you buy petrol and pay with a digitized system (MOMO), does that have an economic benefit directly to your finances? When the prices go up, your means of payment only changes with technology, but the amount of money you pay still depends on your economic situation. 

If you can apply for passport at the convenience of your home, that takes away only the stress aspect of the initial application, any other processes remain constant (The amount you pay and the time you will spend for your vetting). 

Again, convenience is good, nobody is against that, but the substantive matter is about bread and butter. We have to be able to possess the means in order to be able to apply technology to our advantage. The means is here is jobs, and by extension, money in our pockets. 

The availability of online services and the ability to pay for the services, which one is of utmost importance?

Let our able vice President bring about all the digitization revolutions, we need them. But, he must first prioritize his promise of making the Cedi strong by freezing the weakening of our currency. 

Let him, together with President, honour the promise of giving every Ghanaian graduate a decent job first. And, let us have our one-district-one- village. 

Then, only then, w shall appreciate fast moving internet and swift payment platforms, which are a global phenomenon anyway.

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