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Five ways of becoming a billionaire

Becoming a billionaire isn't easy at all but putting the following guides into practice can make it become easy.

1. Hard work. As the saying goes, "hard work merits success". If you want to become a billionaire you must work very hard.

2. Savings. As you're working very hard for your success, don't forget to save. For there's a saying that, if you swallow all your eggs, tomorrow you won't get any chick. So save for a healthier future.

3. Investment. Don't put all your eggs into one basket. As you're working hard and saving your incomes, invest it into businesses that can earn you more. For there is a saying that cast thy bread upon the waters and thou shalt fine it after many days.

4. Stay focus. Don't listen to people too much. Know where you take opinions and advice from for if you keep company with the wise, you'll become wise. On the other hand, if you keep company the fools you'll become a fool.

5. Don't add womanizing and gambling to your hustle.

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