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All Minerals, No Matter Where They Are Found, Are The Property Of The Country - Kwaku Azar

Lawyer and KPMG Professor in Accounting at the Fisher School of Accounting, University of Florida Stephen Kwaku Asare widely known as Kwaku Azar has revealed that all minerals, no matter where they are found, are the property of the country.

Kwaku Azar made this revelations when he was asked by A Plus to educate him on whether people can cut down their Cocoa and do galamsey on their own land. A Plus posted a video of a man engaging in galamsey and happily saying that, he has got enough money so he is cutting down his own Cocoa trees.

"Is it a crime to destroy your own cocoa farm? Kwaku Azar we need your help please." A Plus asked.

"The tree is his. But the gold is not his. All minerals, no matter where they are found, are the property of the country. That is, we operate a regalian mineral ownership regime. 

So the dude is free to cut his trees and dance on his land. But the gold on, under, or above his land does not belong to him.He must bear that in mind while cutting down his trees." Kwaku Azar explained.

You may watch the video here.

Professor Azar further explained that he is cutting down the trees because he thinks he can do galamsey. Unfortunately, he does not realize that is a crime. The realization that minerals under your own land do not belong to you will check that behavior.

He added that there is more. Cocoa farmers have subsidized the elites for far too long. They must be paid world market prices.

Next, the whole idea of growing and exporting cocoa is too 18th century. The chocolate industry is about $50b but cocoa farmers get peanuts. So the cocoa farmers must own the chocolate factories.

"On a negative note, as long as we allow Aishanomics and Akontanomics, we should expect more of this Acupanomics." Prof jovially added.

In the full video, the man said that he has worked for 20 years in cocoa farming yet he couldn't buy a plot of land. He added that just 2 months that he sold a small piece of land he gain GHC 20,000 and has built his own house.

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