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5 practical reasons why you should invest in a franchise but not any form of eatery.

Food is a basic necessity of life which comes first among all the basic necessities. Food has so many benefits that we all know and even though the Bible says ‘’man shall not live by bread alone but by the word of God’’ man can still not survive without food. It is just a basic fact. Talking of investing in food, investing in any eatery is just lucrative. So far as it is something edible you’re investing in there are are higher chances of booming should other factors be met. This article is to encourage you invest in eatery but a franchise to be specific. 

In short a franchise is a company giving authority to an individual or group to carry out specified commercial activities. Examples include;McDonald's,Starbucks,Dominos,KFC,Pizza Hut,Subway,Dunkin' Donuts,Taco Bell.The 5 reasons why you are to invest in an eatery specifically a franchise is as follows: 

1 . Financial help is readily available. 

Now for every business set up, a capital is required  no matter how small the business is. Today investing is an eatery requires a little higher capital. You can raise your own capital but to some extent you will resort to other sources for funding which may possibly be a bank loan.Here is the case banks are not offering loans to business with more than 3 years work experience. So investing in a franchise is quite easy since capital ( money) and other resources needed are made available to you. 

2. You are not doing it alone. 

You should bare in mind that a franchise, the business you are  going to work with has been in the system for sometime and has gained some level of recognition and acceptance in the society. So you joining makes things much more easier for you. Training will be offered to both you and your staff. A favorable place is selected for you and on top, a grand opening. This is just  attractive.

3 . You get brand power.

Using a typical example like KFC, KFC is one of the most recognized fast food franchises in the country. Almost everybody eats from there often than they want hence, haven franchised with them you are going to have a brand power. 

4 .Today’s fast food franchises are evolving. 

Even with more attention being paid to healthier living, there is always the need for fast food. We all crave for that burger and fries at some point, whether it is for a family treat on a Friday night or for a quick lunch during the work week. This is an area that will never be oversaturated.

5 . There is still room for creativity .

Every franchise has a well defined structure and process to what ever that is being produced, there is still an opportunity for you to be creative. All you need to do is to request for it  and the opportunity will be given to you to do those little things to get customers even wanting more than they expect.

It is good you invest in eatery today. I prefer a franchise more with the reasons I have  stated above. Like if you enjoyed it and share your comments with me on what you think. Thank you. 

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