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Good news to all Ghanaians as government reduces fuel prices by eighty Pesewas per litre.

The hardships the nation is experiencing lately is too much and many are calling on the powers that be to as a matter of urgency do something about the intermittent fuel prices increments which are the root cause of these hardships.

It is an undeniable fact that,fuel price increases leads to a corresponding increase in the prices of goods and services.

So Ghananians are particularly not happy at the alarming rate at which fuel prices are increased these days.

The recent fuel increment has led to a lot of outrage among Ghanaians on social media and other online platforms.

This is because the recent increment will lead to further burden on the ordinary Ghananian worker meanwhile, salaries have not been increased and even the minimum wage for the year 2021 has not been determined.

Fortunately,the government seem to listen to the cry of Ghananians as the prices of fuel have been reduced by eighty pesewas per litre.

The minister of energy convene meeting on Tuesday with all stakeholders in the oil industry to deliberate on how best to manage the intermittent fuel price Increments

At the end of the meeting the minister agreed to slash fuel prices by eighty pesewas per litre this was confirmed by the executive director of COPEC Mr Duncan Amoah on the pulse on joynews.

Mr Duncan admitted that ,the eighty pesewas is per litre but not per gallon. He was answering a question the host asked him about the eighty pesewas been per litre or per gallon.

This is actually good news to all Ghanaians as this will go a long way to stabilise the prices of goods and services for a while.

The executive director of COPEC added that ,this reduction will be reflected at the pumps on Wednesday.

However,the public relations officer of concerned drivers has openly admitted that the eighty pesewas reduction won't result in any significant change.

According to him, transport fares will still be reviewed upwards .

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