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Traders complain of increase in fuel prices affecting business, and shortage of foodstuffs

The prices of goods and services in the country seems to be on the rise, this has alot of factors that we would wish to discuss with you all. In the beginning the prices and shortage of foodstuffs is not a new thing to us all, the good people of Ghana are familiar with it. The world as a whole is also experiencing food shortage and increase in prices. The world market has faced a vet serious threat since the outbreak of covid-19, this has lead to the decrease of human resources so as inter-trading activities between countries. The traders and consumer's in Ghana, are seriously complaining about the increments of fuel prices.

This increment of fuel prices have lead to the increase of many commodities. But the traders complaining most are Vegetable sellers, Tuber food sellers, Fruit seller's and etc. According to some fares are on the rise and drivers are blaming the government, so this drove the prices of foodstuffs up. Some also complain about the shortage of food in the system, and why the government needs to assist in planting more foodstuffs to end this nightmare. This is not the first time this has happened in this year, according to a trader speaking on live FM the issue has affected consumer's intend not to buy their stuffs thinking they the market women increased it themselves.

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