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Can You Believe Ghana Has Spent $50 million On Aircraft Over The Past 10 Years?

I had a strange feeling when I read this article. The country we know is having an unstable economy has spent an amount of $50 million in just ten years for hiring and repairing jets. This revelation was made by the minister of Defence, Dominic Nitiwul. He noted this when he was exclusive on TV3's "Good Evening Show.

According to him, they spent more money to rent that jet because the country do not have one. He then revealed that the country has spent that amount of money only on aircraft. He further questioned that why is the country not buying a better one of they have this amount of money to rent some.

"We are spending more money to charter aircraft that we would have if we had our own aircraft. Over the last 10 years we have spent over 50million dollars to charter aircraft and the Ghana Air force is saying why are you wasting all these money. If you have 50million United States dollars to charter aircraft to cater for soldiers only, why won’t you give us that money for us to buy a bigger aircraft".

My question is, why are politicians using all these cash to rent jets instead of buying a new one? Drop you views in the comment box below and follow up for more.

Content created and supplied by: AgyarkwahJustice(nanabagist) (via Opera News )

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