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Butchers Association Are Set To Increase Meat Prices Effective Sept 1 2022.

The National Vice President of the Meat Sellers & Cutters Association of Ghana, Alhaji Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma has hinted that his outfit has decided to increase the prices of meat with effect from September 1 2022.

He said the rationale behind the decision was linked to the deflection of the cedis that have been making butchers to spend huge sums of cedis in exhange of CFA or dollars before they could buy and import cattle from the neighborhood countries into Ghana for sale.

Chief Wahab Tikuma indicated from July to August this year the rates of both France CFA and dollars have shot up to the extent that butchers have to acquire huge sums of cedis in exchange of the foreign currencies before they could operate.

The Vice President told Opera News Content Writer King Amoah in an interview that asides spending huge sums of cedis in exhange for foreign currencies before taking possession of cattle, transportion among other overhead expenditures also contribute to the challenges that confront the butchers.

Chief Tikuma underscored that when one critically examine the problems confronting the butchers a simple conclusion one may arrived at is to advise the butchers to close down their shops to avoid them from incurring bank debts or going bankrupt.

He said as meat production play an important role to serve a country so far as food consumption is concerned in addition to tax generation for the government hence members have decided to risk and remain in business.

Chief Tikuma observed that in order to help butchers to continue to work the only ulternative way to help them is to adjust the prices of the meat.

Chief Tikuma took the opportunity to passionately appeal to Nana Akuffo Addo government, he described it as listening government to intervene in their plight to enable them remain in business.

That was not all, the meat operators Boss also urged government to engage the butcher in a periodical dialogue to discuss the challenges that usually confront them and how best the problems would be solved to enable them contribute positively towards national development.

On the occasion he pleaded with the public to bear with them since the anticipated increase in the meat prices from next month, September 1 2022 was not deliberate.

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The National Vice President of the Association Chief Tikuma.

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