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The Richest family in the world who worship satan, marry themselves and control the gold reserve

Wealth is power and money they say is the root of all evil may be just but a hoax or probably a synonym for poverty being the root of all evil.

There are many very filthy rich families in this world but the Rothschild family is totally different from any other rich family in this world as they are worth over $500 Trillion as of today.

However behind those riches and fame lies a lot of conspiracy theories which many legends have spoke off, some say they were true whiles others saw them as jealousy.

Let us look at a few facts about the Rothschild family which will amaze you and you will be thrilled by how much different they are from other families.

1.Members of the Rothschild family do not marry from any other family but rather cousins and relatives of their own , this is a way they use in order to protect their legacy from extending into order families.

At the age of 37 Albert Rothschild married his cousin Bettina Rothschild producing 7 children who continued to interbreed.

2.It is a widespread belief that the Rothschild family were strong believers in the devil and had a secret chamber which they forbid anyone , they also posses tax stamps which were once used by wizards and magicians.

Such conspiracy theories since today have neither been proved nor disproved but the Rothschild family continues my gets richer and more powerful.

3.They also helped Brazil in attaining independence from their Portuguese colonial masters by settling a huge ransome the Portuguese demanded from the Brazilians and as such Brazil as a country over the decades has to settle that never ending debt to the Rothschild family.

4.They control the world’s gold market price as of the year 1919 which they discussed the price of gold between their wealthy business partners.

When ever a bid was made it will be either accepted or rejected whether or if the Union Jack (British flag ) was lowered or raised.

This continued from 1919 to 2004 when the Barclays Bank took over from the Rothschild to control the world’s gold market price.

5.They organized strange and weird parties where the celebrants of the party wore strange mask of scary faces and bird cages which further increased the belief in the numerous conspiracy theories surround this family.

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