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Meet lady who sells fuel in gallons to survive; she makes Ghs3 per gallon

Millicent Aheto sells fuel at a mechanic shop for motorbike owners who run out of fuel while at the shop. She began this venture about a month after her previous job closed down.


Speaking on Daily Hustle, Millicent indicated that she worked at a Chinese Restaurant until it closed down weeks ago. To make some income, she decided to invest the money saved up into the fuel business.

“I was paid GHS300 at the Chinese restaurant, but they eventually increased it to GHS700 until it collapsed. I tried other jobs, but they all said the business isn’t growing enough for new employees. 

I didn’t want to be idle, so I discussed it with the guys at the shop, and they encouraged me to do it. I realised that when the motorbikes come here, they run out of fuel,” she said. 


Speaking on the risks involved in selling fuel outside of a designated station, Millicent mentioned that “it’s not easy, but I have no choice. And they also need it.”

Moreover, Milicent shared her profit margin with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami. According to Millicent, she buys a gallon for GHS46 and makes GHS3 after every purchase. 

So far, the highest profit Millicent has made is Ghs20, but she is hopeful for the future. She added that the little she makes is better than selling her body for money. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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