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Brilliant: Dennis Miracles Aboagye Explains The True Effect Of Ukraine-Russia War On Ghana's Economy

Ghana imports a lot more from Brazil, about $98.8m of raw sugar alone and $100m of other products. 

Brazil imports about 50% of their Fertiliser inputs from Russia worth about $526m, the supply of this Fertiliser to Brazil is affected and led to the high cost of Agric production in Brazil which means high pricing for those of us who buy from Brazil. 

Brazil's inflation has jumped from 4.19% in 2020 to 11.89% since the war broke out. This inflation is directly transferred to those who buy from Brazil but the war is in Russia-Ukraine. 

Ghana Imports about $787m worth from the USA, The USA Agric Economy is complaining of the high cost of input as a result of the disruption in the supply of nitrates and other Fertiliser inputs from Russia. USA inflation soared to a 40year High as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. 

Those of us in Ghana who buy from the USA will have supply issues as a result of the product cutouts and also suffer inflation issues as a result of their high cost of production.

The USA is affected and it’s affecting Ghana and their partners, but the war is In Russia-Ukraine. 

Let's plead with time to be favorable to us, as we the NPP work things out in making it pleasant again for all Ghanaians.

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