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Foreign exchange

Four Successful Forex Traders and a Lady in South Africa to Check Out

Forex simply stands for Foreign Exchange. It is an internationally traded market in which traders predict the rise and fall of foreign currencies. Some people make huge gains from this industry as many also lose. According to research, ninety percent of forex traders lose money. Let us take a look at four successful forex traders in South Africa that have been in the news sometimes ago. The lady would inspire you a lot.

The first individual is Sandile Shezi. He is currently the founder of Global Forex Institute. HE took a very hard decision of investing his education money and that of other amenities into Forex trading. He lost a few times, and later became successful. Before then, he was living a ghetto life and attended a local school. He was just fortunate to have made it risking money supposed to be used on his education, many others lose their money as they tried this.

The second personality is Ref Wayne. He owns the African forex Institute and also develops a crypto currency called pip coin. At a very young age, he was counted among the best ten forex traders in South Africa. He is a multi-millionaire and also provide free forex courses for the Mzansi community in South Africa.

The second to last personality is a female. Masango Nelisiwe is her name. She drew inspiration to the forex market after she has watched a movie called “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Although she was initially determined to be a neurosurgeon, her passion for the forex industry surpassed her initial intention. She directs Bear Run Investments, which is a forex trading company.  She also owns “Female and Finances” that promotes financial awareness and security among South Africa women, and “Gentle Hands Agency” which recruits people who are suffering from the lack of the job opportunities.

George Van Riet is the last personality. He was rumored to have mentored Sandile in his journey to be successful in Forex. He did not risk his money into Forex like Sandile, but rather learnt about the industry before risking in it. He has worked in the United Kingdom and brokerages before deciding to trade the financial markets. We can learn from his motive that you need to learn about a trade before you jump in in order not to be burnt.

Take inspiration from them in whatever you are set to do, if you may.


Your Humble Servant, “Wysopera”.

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