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The 1 million dollar bicycle

I am a fun of bicycles, but I have never seen or heard a bicycle that is so expensive like this one. This is a 1 million dollar bicycle made of 24 karats of gold. The bike also has 600 black diamonds, alligator seat, and the fact that each takes over 750 hours to make has something to do with it.

The bike comes in limited edition. So far, only a few wealthy people who don't care about losing money are riding on this bike in their neighborhood.

It is obvious this expensive bike was purposely designed for the likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Aligo Dangote and the world's billionaires.

 It can only be used in a high security environment. Using this type of bicycle and riding on the street of some countries I do not want to mention the name will only attract armed robbers.

Even the chain, spokes, paddles, rim are all coated in gold.

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Aligo Dangote Jeff Bezos


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