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Ampesie: A Typical Ghanaian Delicacy

Ghana has established itself across the continent as a safe haven as far as peace and stability are concerned. However, there are also our numerous traditional meals that get people fascinated and yearning to pay this beautiful country a visit.

One very popular Ghanaian traditional meal is "Ampesie" which is normally made of tuber crops like yam, cocoyam, potatoes among others.

The meal is typically indigenous to the Twi-speaking population of Ghana but almost all other Ghanaians enjoy it just as much.

The meal is normally made by boiling these tubers on a source of heat until they become tender and softened. Ampesie is normally served hot with palava sauce or garden eggs stew.

When next you visit Ghana, make that special request for "Ampesie with Kontomere stew" and I bet you would surely come back with feedback in the comment section below.

I hope you did enjoy reading this piece. Until I come your way again with another Ghana Month article do have a great week!

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