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"Very Interesting" - Ghanaians React As Man Designs Simple Motorcycle Powered Pump For Farmers

Water pump machines assist farmers to irrigate their crops. A brand new water pump price range from GHS 1,200.00 to GHS 2,400.00 depending on the horsepower (hp). Imagine being able to use your motorbike in place of a water pump.

Well, there is a good for all farmers and anyone who uses water pump machines. A man has been able to design a simple motorcycle powered pump for farmers to use for their irrigation activities. The motorcycle powered pump is very small and easy to carry, unlike the Water pump machines where you transport by car or tricycle.

To use it, one would have to connect the motorcycle powered pump to his motor. It can use a litre of gasoline to push 40000 litres of water and it can be installed on the bike to function like a sprinkler.

Some Ghanaians after coming across these pictures hailed the man for such an interesting innovation. They argued that this is actually a good idea for farmers who cannot afford water pump machines but have motorbikes. Others also asked about the side effects, whether using the motorbike as a water pump will not reduce the lifespan and proper functioning of the motorbike.

Check out some comments from some Ghanaians who came across this new innovation:

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