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No Free Lunch: Tilapia Drops Latest Photo On New PURC Electricity And Water Tariff Increases

Yesterday, the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission announced new tariffs on electricity and water. The company had given prior notice of this move months ago and this got many Ghanaians complaining. Ghana’s economy is currently nearing the ditch and many economic gurus are providing diverse solutions. The government has planned a deal with the International Monetary Fund to relief the country.

According to the PURC a number of factors are contributing to these new prices. They explained that the depreciation of the cedi as well as expensive chemicals used in refining the water are the reasons why there is the need to increase tariff prices. Effective from September 1, 2022 there will be a 27.15% increase in Electricity tariff while water will see a 21.55% increase in the original prices.

Many have said this new tariff increase will not augur well for Ghanaians. In the latest cartoon photo, Tilapia has illustrated that Ghanaians are being forced to bear with this difficult situation. Like a human who has no option, Tilapia noted that there is a rope on the neck of Ghanaians and their only option is to abide by whatever is given to them.

This situation runs contrary to what happened almost two years ago. It can be recalled that in the heat of Covid-19, the government provided free water and electricity to some Ghanaians to relief them of the burden of the pandemic. Later Ghanaians were made to repay for these utilities which many believed were free. According to Oppong Nkrumah, the services were free then but not afterwards.

Ghanaians were also made to pay a covid-19 levy on goods purchased. It’s been over a year and no accounting has been done on the levy on Covid-19. To top up Ghanaians are now being forced to pay more for these utilities. Many have reacted to this new photo from Tilapia and claim this is another way to make Ghanaians pay for the freebies they enjoyed prior to the 2020 elections. Check out some of the comments.

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