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Stop talking petroleum taxes. The hike in fuel price is beyond mere taxes on the product.

The call on government to remove taxes on fuel is not the issues. The actual problem is way beyond that.

The question is should we be buying fuel even at half the current price it is being sold?. How much is the levies and taxes? At most three Ghana cedis.

If these levies and taxes are removed, it will be no time and the price will shoot up to swallow the reduction. Government would have lost revenue and Ghanaian wouldn't have benefit either.

The real problem is the depreciation of the Ghana Cedis against major currencies. The cedi is not doing well against the dollar at all.

The managers of the economy must up their game to make the cedi strong against the dollar. What about acquiring a huge gold reserve at the Bank of Ghana to back the cedi?


There should be deliberate effort to stop the importation of things we can produce in the country. Our industrial base is weak and must be strengthened. 

Traders in imported goods should be oriented to support local producers to produce for them to sell. This will go a long way to strengthen the cedi as well.

Ghana must have a strategy. Probably a ministry of strategy because the country is seriously lacking in that area. May be the ministry of national security could have done that.

If the country had a strategy, Russian and Ukraine war wouldn't have affected us drastically as it has done.

God bless our Homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

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