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A house has been built in the middle of a train track. How can we fix the nation with this attitude.

Ghanaians have long complained that the country's infrastructure and job opportunities are inadequate. Many people often complain about the government's failure to build infrastructure that will help the country develop. Groups such as "Fix the Country" are always condemning the government for the lack of better things in the country, such as jobs and infrastructure, and how instead of using the country's resources to assist bring improvement in the country, they are instead using them to further their own selfish interests. Then there are individuals like Twene Jonas, who are constantly saying how America is better than Ghana because of all the amazing skyscrapers and better roads that Ghana lacks.

All of these groups and individuals blame Ghana's bad situation on the government for failing to do their jobs as they were elected to do, but while some of their arguments are valid, they overlook the fact that for a country to truly become great, both the government and its citizens must work together to make it a developed country. If the government provides jobs and residents do not report to work early or work hard because it is not their own personal job, and that job fails, it will have an impact on both the country and us as individuals in the country. The same can be said about roads, buildings, and other infrastructures, which can all fall apart and be thrown away if the government provides them but citizens fail to properly maintain them.

And now we have an image that demonstrates what someone who does not care about the progress of the country has done. This image, which has been trending on multiple social media platforms, depicts an erected house right in the middle of railroad tracks. The unfinished building is blocking the train tracks, demonstrating that whoever is responsible for it is unconcerned about the development of the railroad industry in the country, because how can somebody who cares about the railroad industry build a house that blocks the railroad tracks?

These are the same people who will moan about the state of the country's railroads and then blame the government for it. Whoever is doing this must be stopped because how can we fix the nation with this attitude and also the building must be demolished to make way for the railroad tracks, as these are what contribute to the development of the nation, and everyone must do their part to make it happen.


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