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Milani Farms:Everything About The Biggest Pineapple Farm in Ghana

The Milani Pineapple plantation sits on a 1000 hectare of land which is about 500 football pitches combined. That's crazy, right? Well, wait till you finish reading the whole article then you will know the size of the land is just the tip of the iceberg. The farm is owned by Mr. Milan(Iranian) and his wife(Ghanaian). They first started the farm on 200 hectares of land in 1993. Sure! Rome certainly wasn't built in a day and the largest pineapple farm in Ghana is a true epitome of that quote. The farm is located in Akotsi Junction, right after Kasoa, about 1.5 hours drive from Accra.

The majority of the pineapples are exported after harvest but our local market is not left out. They also supply it to juice factories that rely on pineapple for their production.

The process of getting the pineapples to be shipped out is divided into two categories which are the farming aspect and the packaging. The latter though is done in a factory set up on the farm.

Milani farms have about 200 employees responsible for activities on the farm. They are mainly responsible for the cultivation and harvesting of the fruit, amidst weed control plus other responsibilities as and when the need arises.

As soon as the pineapple is conveyed from the farm(i.e after harvesting) to the factory a process of cleansing is done with chlorinated water. The pineapples then go through a quality control check. Subsequently, the cleansed fruit(if deemed quality by quality control) is moved to the packhouse for further processes via an automated machine.

At the packhouse, the pineapples are coated with wax which protects them from pathogens and also prevents them from dehydration. This process aids in keeping weight loss in the pineapples in check.The heavier the pineapple the higher the price.

After these processes, the pineapples are labeled, placed in boxes, and sealed. The boxes are lined up and weighed to determine the right weight.

Dear readers, the pineapple is now ready for shipment.

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Image credit-Marintia Goto-Williams

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