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Ghana again, Transport Fares to be increased 20% from this date. check it out

Fuel prices for the past days has seen an increment at very high rate which has left public transport operators lamenting.

Information coming in from the offices of some transport operating association which are not in operation under the Ghana Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) has it that their fares have been increased by 20% due the increment of fuel which started on the 17th of 2021.

These Associations and Unions are the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, International Drivers Road Transport Union, Truth Drivers Union, Concern Drivers Association as well as other unions and associations.

A statement that was signed by the leaders of these drivers unions stated that the increase in fuel prices is going to go a long way to affect them and can also lead to the collapse of their transport business.

“For the sake of our customers and the general public, we arrived at the 20% lorry fare increase by dividing 120 by 100 and multiplying it by the old or existing lorry fare”, it pointed out.

“Our dear customers and the general public must know that we have absorbed a lot of the petroleum products price increases for a long time and have gotten to a stage where we can no longer contain it. We selflessly operated and abided by the decision of the stakeholders to increase lorry fares twice in a year”, it further said.

“However, we the private road transport operators have been at the receiving end of this decision for far too long. While we diligently obey the decision, prices of petroleum products keep increasing without corresponding increases in lorry fares”, it added.

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