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1.75% E-Levy Finally Slashed To 1.5% After Minority Members Raise Concerns: Is This Good Enough?

The 2022 budget came with its own brouhaha as not only the minority were not happy with some contents in the budget presented, almost every Ghanaian raised concern. This was as a result of the 1.75% charges on electronic transactions to be effected 2022. Even though the government sees this as a good opportunity to make more money to solve problems in the country, Ghanaians see this as a great burden as most people find it difficult to make ends meet.

The majority caucus, after the minority caucus raised concerns about the high charges on e-levy decided to slash it from 1.75% to 1.5% and ask Ghanaians to embrace it but the question is, is this good enough for the whole populace in the country? As the well to do will see this as nothing, other middle and low income earners and even the unemployed are really going to suffer the effects of this come 2022.

Most Ghanaians were expecting the e-levy to be reduced to somewhere below 1% or worst of it 1%. If this government keeps on burdening Ghanaians in the name of wanting to create more jobs for the youth, constructing good roads and so on, what happened to the taxes collected so far? How well has it been used in tackling matters or issues of this nature in the country?

We hope that after the government has succeeded imposing these taxes on Ghanaians, will bring to book proper accountability of Ghanaians tax payer's monies.

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