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E-Levies Should Not Be More Than 0.5% Per My Baseline Calculation- Professor Godfred Bokpin

Professor Godfred has stated that the reduction of the e-levy by the government from 1.75% to 1.5% doesn't solve the burden imposed on Ghanaians and that the principle is wrong in the first place and the application is also problematic. He went ahead to explain why he said this stating that the government has moved from 'taxing profits and income' to taxing capital. This he says is going to erode the capital base of the ordinary Ghanaian.

There is a broader understanding that e-commerce, digital trade, digital commerce and all those should be looked into but the way the government is going about things is completely different from that understanding and for me it is unfortunate. Reducing the e-levy to 1.5% shouldn't be so and to me it should not be more than 0.5% per my baseline calculations, he added.

Even though the e-levy tax comes as a surprise to all, at most the 0.5% should be passed instead of the 1.5%. This is because, if one is to withdraw multiple amounts above Ghc100, they will end up paying 1.5% each time on whatever amount withdrawn, which is too much. This decision by the government is too much of a burden and should still be revised as soon as possible.

If the government truly have the people of Ghana at heart, this shouldn't be ignored but be considered an urgency to further reduce the e-levy to at most 0.5%.

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