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Lady Reveals What She Does To The Cucumber Her Mum Sells To People In The Market

Most times we go to the market to purchase food items without getting to know the condition they must have gone through before being sold to us. A lady's video has surfaced on social media platforms and is getting the attention of lot of persons following the revelation she made in the video.

According to the lady who identified her name as Nikki fe fe, she warned people that they should be very careful of the kind of cucumber they buy in the market. She revealed that her mother sells cucumber in the market and she also showed proof by sharing a short clip of her mother removing cucumbers from a bag to shade so people can buy them.

Nikki further revealed that every night, she picks any cucumber of her choice and does whatever she want to do with it and her mum doesn't know about it. After she's done with the cucumber, she revealed that she would put it back from where she picked it and her mum takes it to the market to sell for people to buy so they can consume.

What do you think about this act done by Nikki?

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Nikk Nikki


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