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Courses At The University, Their Careers And Cut-Off Points

Going to the University is a good thing but you just do not apply to any university for just any course. You need to know the course, the career you will get from that course and of course the course requirements and the cut-off points. Once you know these, when you apply, you are rest assured that the school will pick you no matter what.

1. Social Science

Social science is sometimes a course and also sometimes a full faculty on its own. When it is a faculty, you will have courses like Political science, Social Studies, Geography and History. You can choose one or pursue two (one as minor and the other as major).

You need to pass English, Science, Mathematics and Social studies and also a pass in your three electives( Geography, Government, History and any other general arts elective subject).

Careers are endless for for Social science students. They can be teachers, work at ministries, embassies, and any other Public Administration related offices.

The cut off points usually depends on the university but it is usually from aggregate 6 to 24.

2. ICT

For ICT students, you know their future is always exciting. There isn't a place they can't go. They are needed in every sector of the economy. And when they are not getting jobs, they can always start something on their own.

You need Physics, Chemistry, Elective mathematics to be able to do ICT at the university. Most at times you need at least aggregate 15 to do ICT at the university.

Which course do you want to know about. Write down in the comment section and follow me so that I will update you in my subsequent articles.

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