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SHS Students Secretly Recorded In A Live Video "Doing It" In Public

SHS Students Captured On Live Video "Doing It" In Public

Being reckless is cool but having good conduct in high school is weird and out of the norm. This is the lifestyle of Senior High Schools and it has been like that since.

Hence, it comes as not being a surprise when you witness some of these behaviors emerging from our high schools. After Ghana emerged second and becoming one of the world's top adult content consumers.

That's part of the problem with our broken-down systems. Too much consumption of adult content will eventually breed a society of people with low self-control and that can lead to other unscrupulous behaviors and conducts like this one.

It was observed that these students did it behind a pastor's house. Perhaps the pastor can contribute to the development and transformation of these young and adventurous Senior High School lovers with the Word of God because the rate at which our youth keep drifting in the wrong is alarming and calls for concern.


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