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GES to Enforce the Wearing of Uniform by Female Teachers with Clothing Allowance?

Wearing of uniform show an identity and promote a sense of belonging, teachers often wear casual clothes that do not look good for the profession, a uniform will bring decency in the profession especially the female teachers, a teacher is not supposed to dress like a fashion model to classroom, a dress that will reveal her body shape. If a teacher dresses to show off or reveal her body shape, this will distract the attention of the students.

A teacher is a direct role model to students, whatever they see on their teacher is right and they try to imitate the teacher’s dressing and the way of life. Students see their teacher as the best role model. Teachers can impact on students both negative and positive, the positive side is when students copy the lifestyle of a well behaved teacher and the negative aspects is when students copy a rascal teacher. Students may fancy how the teacher talk, how the teacher walk, a teacher is expected to dress well to classroom.

Some female teachers have been found wearing clothes that is too tight on their skin, showing their body shapes, students especially the girls will see that as a new trend of fashion while the boys will be distracted in the classroom, they will not pay attention to what the teacher will teach in the class, their focus will be on the body shape.

Some years back, female teachers were required to wear a prescribed uniform to school, some few teachers are currently wearing the uniform and the majority of the female teachers have abandoned the wearing of the uniform, re-introduction of the prescribed uniform for female teachers will restore decency in our schools.

The wearing of uniform by teachers should come with clothing allowance, the clothing allowance will motivate the teachers to wear the uniform, the clothing allowance can be paid per annum. Dressing code for male teachers should be enforced, students in the Junior High School and the Senior High Schools are vulnerable at that age, whatever lifestyle they learn at that peak age becomes their lifestyle. The School is to trained and model students for a brighter future.

The blown khaki uniform for the female teachers look beautiful, this uniform should be brought back with some form of allowance, without allowance, Ghana Education Service can provide the garment for the female teachers to sew it themselves. With the Free Secondary Education, School uniform, house jersey, outing dress and School cloth are provided for students for free, garments for female teachers will not be a big deal for the government to afford. Many Ghanaians have called on the Ghana Education Service to enforce the dress code for female teachers, some female teachers abuse the dress code for the teaching profession.

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