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What's Happening To Our Youth? SHS Students Fighting Over A Lady Cause Stir On Social Media

It is very amazing to see two male students exchanging blows over a lady. Some students use their length in school for other trivia things that in the long run jeopardize their aspirations for a successful future.

A video trending on the social media shows the moment of two senior high school students exchanged heavy blow in a classroom purportedly over lady. Many social media users reactions wag their tongues toward the video. There have been different reasons ascribed to the motive behind the dirty fight, a lot of netizens concluded a lady is involved.

According to the video, one of the guys had an affair with the lady, knowing very well that his friend has a serious relationship with her already. In the video, you would see the two guy seriously exchange blows in the classroom, their classmates refused to separate them as they rather enjoyed the drama. Nobody knows how the video surface online. The video has gained many views and reaction on the Internet. 

Checkout the screenshots of the video. 

Click the link below to watch the video

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