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Opinion- GES needs to take action on These practices by teachers That destruct lesson delivery

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There are twelve attitudes which teachers exhibit in the classroom destruct lesson delivery. These are:

When a teacher makes or receives calls during instructional hours it destructs lessons. The teacher may forget where he or she got to in course of the teaching before the call interrupted. Students may loose focus too

Giving punishment that prevents a student from taking part in lessons. There are many ways to kill a cat as people always say, so deriving a student from joining the next lesson as punishment is a practice which is not a good practice.

When a teacher boycott class because of students behavior.

Allowing students to mark attendance register.

When teacher gives textbook to students to copy notes on the chalkboard for their colleagues to copy in their notebooks.

Adapting lecture method in lesson delivery.

Taking students to work on farms during instructional hours especially during cocoa season , Sending students to work in teachers cottage during instructional hours.

When teacher give their items to students to sell in the school.

When teacher engages in unhealthy relationship with students

When teacher work lotto or bet during instructional hours

When teacher discriminate against a student due to personal reasons be it misbehavior, tribal affiliation, religious affiliation or political affiliation.

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