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Fallen Standard Of Education: Is the Free SHS Focused on Quantity and Not Quality?

Fallen Standard Of Education: Is the Free SHS Focused on Quantity and Not Quality?

The fallen standard of education is the decline or reduction in the quality of education in any society when compared with the former status.

The extent of fallen standard of education in Ghana 

The United Nations Children Funds(UNICEF) reported that, there are at present about 170 million young adults in developing countries who started school but could not attain higher institutions of learning. The above statistics did not include those who were unable to acquire up to the standard required by higher institutions of learning due to numerous factors such as Government callousness to educational sector and also the inability of parents to sponsor their children which is often as a result of their low economic status.

In primary and post primary schools, it is not uncommon to find students who cannot write their names properly, read fluently or even recite the multiplication table “2x1 to 12 c 12” correctly, while others can hardly distinguish the unit of length and that of mass. Others cannot even sketch the map of the country(Ghana). There are many Secondary School students in Ghana who could not express themselves in simple English.

The fallen standard of education among primary and secondary school students is attributed to lack of proper planning, unqualified teachers, lack of teaching and learning materials, lack of infrastructure and government policies in education.

Schools in rural areas can hardly boast of two qualified trained teachers, teachers refused posting to deprived communities, no motivation for teachers who accept posting to such communities.

Ministry of Education and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment(NaCCA) changed the basic school curriculum, over two years now no textbooks available for the new curriculum. Teachers are instructing topics in the new curriculum with the old textbooks.

Lack of policy formulation has seen the free secondary education which happened to be one of the best intervention in Education collapsing the secondary school system.

The current free Senior High School is focused on quantity not quality even at the time parents were paying for secondary education, there was a standard cut off point, students needed certain aggregate to qualify them to Secondary School. That was aggregate 6-36, currently, aggregate 48-52 students are in school, “Is the Free SHS focused on quantity or quality? Proper planning needed to restore our educational system, back in the O’ and A level status. 

By Nedved 

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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