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SHS girls spotted shaking their big assets in a classroom

Parents take their kids to school with the aim of helping them get an easy access to acquiring the best of knowledge. The knowledge which they seek in school is what is certainly going to shape their future someday. This is a very good initiative but there is one obstacle which tends to kick in when no one is watching.

After taking your kids to school especially the boarding school, you leave and set off to home. That is where the real problem lies. Never do you know what will happen behind your back since these kids will be meeting different kids from different backgrounds.

It is therefore of great importance to be checking up on your kids as time goes on and if possible, contact their teachers on a regular basis, asking them about how well your kids are performing.

The reason why this article came into existence is due to a disturbing video about some Senior High School girls shaking their assets in class. Their core aim was to acquire knowledge but along the line, they acquired other unexpected stuff.

I am sure most of them are influenced by their friends and they just cannot stand the pressure that comes with it. Looking at the pictures below, you could see that these two girls were shaking it like pros. The rhythmic movement of their assets calls for a negative mindset and I wouldn't be surprised when I hear some teachers cannot stop kids like these. Imagine a teacher coming to class with the intention of teaching only to realize some people are standing in front of the board and are shaking it like there's no tomorrow.

These girls are obviously above the ages 18 but I think aside them, there are others below 18 years of age and therefore doing this was likely to influence them to join the group.

I don't know about you but for me, I think this goes beyond the core aim for which they were taken to school and therefore wasn't very necessary. You can let me know what you think about this act in the comment section. Have a nice day.

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