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The Inspiring Journey Of Soale Adams Alele; From A Humble Beginning To An Inspirational Personality

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Mr. Soale Adams Alele, an extraordinary Person by all standards who due to his sense of humor, humbleness and down to earth nature sees himself as an ordinary person in the midst of colleagues.

This personality in question here, was born in Sawla in the Savannah Region of Ghana, has an enviable childhood life, lost his lovely mother the year he acquired his first master's degree, lost his job because of political witchanting. This is the sad and most importantly, inspiring story of Mr. Soale Adams Alele the current coordinator of NABCO in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District of Savannah region.

He was born in the early 90's. He had his basic school education partly in Sawla and Tamale. His desire to become a media personality inspired him to study General Art in the Great Tamale Secondary School in the Northern Region.

After obtaining an excellent grade in the Senior High School Certificate Examination, Mr. Alele's life took a twist, a glorious opportunity to secure a scholarship to study outside the country came in but was denied at the last hour due to reasons only known to those in charge.

Amidst the rejection and disappointment, his spirit of determination took him to abandon the dream of becoming a media personality thereby, propelling him to divert his dream career and move to study development discourse in the University for Development Studies - Wa Campus.

Mr. Soale Adams Alele has to his credit, Bachelor of Art Degree in Integrated Community Development (BA. ICD) and Master of Science in Strategic Planning and Management from the same University where he obtained his first degree. He is Currently pursuing another post graduate degree in the University of Education, Winneba.

Professionally, he is a Development Practitioner, Planner and Political Enthusiast. Mr. Soale Alele Adams has authored over 20 articles that chronicles Political ideological front, Youth Empowerment and developmentally centered issues.

Remarkably, he worked as a District Director of the National Service Scheme, Karaga until a change in Political leadership in 2017 where he lost his Job.

A development he could have termed as "facing persecution from your home", his strong conviction and belief in Allah saw him rose above all challenges and remained focused and steadfast since he knew very well of his capabilities and what the Almighty can do and actually He did it for him.

Currently, he is the District NABCO Coordinator for the Sawla-Tuna- Kalba District. He contributes in mentoring over 470 NabCO beneficiaries, his leadership is building the agency to an enviable level in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District as he has embarked on several developmental works including the renovation of the Sawla Polyclinics.

Mr. Soale Adams Alele engages the youth in several platforms including speech presentation events. In addition, he is also a prolific writer who has deep interest in discussing and sharing his views on development, Youth Empowerment and good governance.

He has a dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a leader that will create an equal opportunity and so many footprints for people with ambition to follow.

A friend in his university days has this to say "he is an inspiration to me and many people around him. He gives you reasons to succeed, the ability to think critically and above all, an embodiment of humanitarian and excellent intellectual qualities (Course mate, UDS- WA Campus, 2014)"

Words alone can't justify the kind of person Mr. Adams Alele is, because he is someone who is loved by everyone who happens to get closer to him at first sight.

Another reason that tells one how humble and friendly this humanitarian is, most of the youth in Sawla-Tuna-Kalba sees him as their role model in order to crave a good and successful career in life.

The people of Sawla are praying for his protection and guidance from Almighty Allah so that in future, the position he is currently occupying will be elevated to the highest so he could achieve his dream of building an inclusive society for all in the STK district, Savannah region and the country Ghana as a whole. Shalom peace. The brief profile of Mr. Soale Adams Alele. Thank you!

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