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The Need For Computer Literacy In Ghanaian Schools

Computer literacy is very vital in today's world, in preparing the upcoming generation for the future. The world today is turning into a more digital world and there is an urgent need to help our future generation to catch up fast in order not to fall far behind in future. Unlike the western part of the world where younger people are able to access and understand how certain technologies work. 

The level of computer literacy in basic and JHS pupils in Ghana has been very low. This is seen in most of the children enrolled in schools that do not provide adequate ICT facilities that can contribute to computer literacy among pupils. There are schools in Ghana with few or no ICT facilities and yet, they have final year pupils who have to take ICT for their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Some may be lucky enough to have access to some ICT tools back at home, while others may not have the opportunity to at least see some of these facilities before they sit for the paper. 

Computer literacy helps to broaden the horizons of pupils. They get to know more about the digital world in addition to their education. They are not just limited to their books but also have the opportunity to explore the world in which they are. They get to know where to find more about things they learn in the classroom as well as how to get things done in a more convenient way. 

Computer literacy among pupils also helps in preparing them for future careers. Though in recent times, technology is taking over most jobs, there is still the need for people to operate these technologies. For that reason, these future leaders are supposed to be taught and exposed to the existing technology at a very tender age so that they can be able to fit into various job markets in the future. 

Having a better exposure to computers and how they work, vey brilliant children could even come up with their own inventions in the near future. In future if these little ones are able to catch up with computer literacy at a high pace, there could be a possibility of bridging the digital divide between our side of the world and the Western world. In this way, we are also preparing them for international job markets. 

Looking at the importance of computer literacy, there is no need to wait for pupils to become mature until they learn about computers and existing technologies because that waiting period could widen the digital divide and cause our country to fall behind. Most parents in the country did not get that opportunity to explore ICT when they were young and this has contributed to the high rate of computer illiteracy in the country. As a result, as the world is still growing into a digital one, younger people should be made to learn and have a feel of computer literacy so that in the future, they will be able to enjoy the above mentioned benefits. 

To sum up, computer literacy is very important and should be introduced properly to basic school children with the aim of developing a better Ghana in the nearest future.

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