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All Public Teachers In The Villages Should Be Paid Gh¢10,000 On Every Academic Year [Opinion]

Teachers contribute a lot when we talk about developing a nation but most of the times they are the people the government careless when we talk about incentives that will favour public workers.

I want to take this opportunity and send a strong message to the government concerning teachers and their livelihood. Since GES and the government have put a blind eye talking about the livelihood and salaries structure of teachers.

As a good citizen who cares about the country and the welfare of every public worker, I will not keep quiet for others to enjoy while others suffer. All teachers in Ghana who teaches in the villages should be paid GH¢10,000 every academic year to better their life.

There is a saying that teachers will receive their reward in heaven. It is a wrong statement and it shouldn't be taken into consideration. A good work done deserves another and in the muscles of every hard labour lies a reward.

Most of the teachers who have been posted in villages go through a lot of stress but they are not considered. Sometimes they live in a place where there is no light to power their devices like mobile phone, laptop and other accessories. In most of the areas, there is no network coverage for research which makes teaching and learning very difficult but yet they sacrifice all that they can to impact knowledge into the pupil.

When they are been posted to some places even where they will become sleep even become a problem. Some of the people in the community have to sacrifice and move from his or her and join someone before the teacher could get a place as a room.

According to research, they have to receive some incentives from the government but the money has been embezzled by the top officials which is very sad.

All that I mean, the government should consider teachers both in the urban and rural areas and paid them well like how other public workers receive good salaries and other allowances.

What is your thought on this? Should they be paid that amount or not? Drop your comment and let discuss.

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