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Good News for all students in Tertiary Institutions, Universities

CONAT brings warm greetings to all The Nation Builders Corps trainees. We engaged in intellectual discourse with the coordinator and intellectually digested their issues.

According to the coordinator, the materialization of the Career pathway Transition Process is rested assured by October 2021.

The embedded delays of the March allowance were raised by its action team and appealed to management to work on the March allowance and other arrears.

It also urges trainees not to be mortified or deflated but only remain resolute and hardworking at the post as we are fully ready to hold the government obliged for its promises.

In the ensuing days, It will engage the 4th power of the state media fraternity to see how best they can help to resolve Builders brouhaha.

Finally, it prompts all Nation Builders Corps trainees to be heedful as graduates, fight for their right democratically as codified and embodied in the constitution.

And then also never be leveraged as race-horses for other lazy and dull-witted Colleagues to build cheap popularity.

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