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Why is GES Silent? Johnnie Hughes Blast GES for Going Silent on the Teacher Sodomizing 19 Boys Case.

This world is growing into something terrible and every day, there appears to be some dire matter that happens in Ghana. Some go unconcerned, others are also legally dealt with. However, the number of matters that go unconcerned outweighs those that attract our attention.

If you will recall, it was reported that a mathematics teacher at Kulpi has sodomised 19 pupils. The Gender Ministry has promised to get the 19 boys a psychological treatment to circumvent any Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Since the act is a criminal matter, the police will have to take over and make sure that the perpetrator is brought to book. Johnnie Hughes thanked the gender ministry for that exercise.

However, he cannot comprehend why the Ghana Education Service (GES), the body that is in charge of taking care of the children, is silent on the matter. They have not spoken a word about that matter and it appears unconcerned to them. According to Johnnie, he has observed that the GES has brought out two communique since the incident broke out. Sadly, none of the communique is about the 19 sodomised boys.

If this mathematics teacher had won an award, you would have been showing it in our faces. But whatever be the case, these 19 boys are still looking at you GES. They are waiting for you to say something- Johnnie fumed.

I can only imagine if these 19 boys were girls. This country would have been turned upside down by many stakeholders. The lives of the boys also matter. We should all endeavour to make them our priority too, for they are human and young, as a matter of fact.

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