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Many were surprised by what this JHS lady wrote about the "Class Sanitation Debate."- More Details

It quite amazing to hear of or see young people do marvelous staff. Many were shocked by the mind blowing performance of Jemima, a JHS 3 student of Golden Age Basic School during their annual debate competition.

She begun by asking a question;

How would you contribute to a clean Ghana?

Mr. Chairman, Accurate Time Keepers, Regional Minister for Sanitation, The District Chief Executive, Your Highness the Chief and The Elders, Distinguished Members of Staff, Parents and Guardians, Students, Co-debaters, Fellow Ghanaians, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Jemima Essilfie is a Golden Age Basic School Junior High School 3 student. We've gathered to debate the motion "Who is to Blame for Ghana's Poor Sanitation: People or Successive Governments?" Distinguished Members of the House, it's an honor to be chosen as the Principal Speaker for this challenging motion.

Mr. Chairman, blaming Ghana's poor sanitation on the citizens or successive governments is meaningless. Since the government serves social elements (humans) who are also citizens, and not anyone else, I am persuaded that the blame should be distributed equally.

Mr. Chairman, I will restrict my points to people for the purposes of this discussion; in this case, citizens are to blame for Ghana's poor sanitation for the reasons mentioned below.

Before I go into depth on how I plan to contribute to a clean Ghana, Mr. Chairman, allow me to define "bad sanitation" for the purposes of this discussion: It is the state of public health as a result of tainted drinking water and inadequate handling and disposal of human excreta and waste. Throwing waste and defecating in our water bodies and on our lands are examples of poor sanitation (open defecation). In many parts of the world, poor sanitation is a problem, but it is especially prevalent in developing countries like Ghana. While there are numerous strategies for coping with this environmental challenge, education, policy, and infrastructure programs have proven to be the most successful.

Mr. Chairman, my first commitment to a Clean Ghana is to educate my neighbors about the causes, impacts, and preventative measures of inadequate sanitation in my community. Although some people are aware of the problem, the vast majority of Ghanaians are not. In reality, timely, effective, and dependable environmental sanitation is essential.

Education should be promoted in my area, as well as anywhere else I come across where it is needed. The country would have long-term sanitation if this is done for a year.

On that unforgettable day, the Judges had no hesitation in naming Jemima Essilfie, her group's Principal Speaker, the winner. According to one of the teachers, the girl is a natural grammarian who should be advanced to Senior High School immediately.

What do you think about her performance?

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