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Top Ten Most Challenging Courses to Pursue at The University.

It's the aim of every student at the senior high school to pursue good courses at the University in furthering their education as well as other prospect students.Nothing good is achieved on a silver platter.This entails hardwork in order to get admitted into such courses.

If one fortunately gets there,the battle doesn't seem to end there.However, it's a beginning of a new journey that requires more input than what one has initially put in. I'm talking about the kind of stress one should endure.Staying with your books for several hours and gaining much insight is one of the things one must be doing.Minimizing sleeping hours in order to secure much studying hours is very important for a law student.

I friend of mine pursing accounting always tell me the kind of tiring moments he has to go through in order to finish a project work whiles an exam also awaits him.This has confirmed that studying Challenging courses at the University is not about milk and honey.This applies to almost every course at the tertiary level.One must psych him or herself well before entering the tertiary level no matter the course of study.

Some of the ten(10)most challenging courses include;



3.Actuarial science

4.Business Adimistration

5.Civil Engineering

6.Computer Science



9.Medical Laboratory Science


Please note,that all courses pursued at the University or tertiary level should taken seriously else it's going to be uneasy for the person to make it.

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