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5 common mistakes we do on campus but do not know

Hello guys today am going to teach you about 15 common mistakes we do on campus but do not know

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Campus is an exciting place to be and have a social life because you are expose to all sort of individuals from all walks of life not only from your country but also from different parts of the world and this helps one to enjoy the companion of different people with different character. One of the fun aspect of campus is that you are able to build your confidence up by meeting alot of people and also improve upon your social life , The ideal goal on campus is to study and pass with distinction so that you will be able to secure for your self a good job, this however has prompted most of the youth from creating for themselves the enterprenuership prospect that will drive you instead of driving to work for someone,

Another sector that students can look to and explore to their own benefit is the use of social media to create a solid income whiles on campus and i think this subject needs more than this paltform to talk about it because in contrary to what has been circulating online, social media is a money making avenue with lots of opportunities. Today this article will focus on some common mistakes that students make on campus that deprive them from achieving what we came to do at the university . so let's go

1. Surrounding yourself wit people with no aim or dream: One of the biggest mistakes we make as students on campus is surrounding ourselves with people who have no aim and are heading towards no where in life , this particular mistake is very common because we assume that ones someone is in the university it means that he or she has aim and this perception is a big fallacy, have you ever thought of why some people don't care about how poor they perform in an exams or never thought of learning but they are always found at parties and entertainment spots? this signals should tell us that such people do not have aim and they are heading no where in life.

2. Revising your books with your friends when is few weeks to exams: this is where failures in exams was manufactured , this spot is where examination failures come from, believe it or not you are not going to pass your exams revising with your friends , there is time for every thing and when there are few weeks to exams you need your privacy to study, the truth is that you can't be studying with your friends all the time and this is only known by the wise students because lazy students always want to be in a group to use studying hours to discuss unimportant issues which does not contribute to academic excellence, if you have been revising with your friends prior to exams you better stop and start having a private study and compare the difference. THANK ME LATER

3. Taking the opinions of others and abandoning your own dream: Often on campus we like to share our world with our close friends and invite them to make assessment of how we view life all the fantasies involve, i remember when i wanted to add up a short course to my already difficult course, my friends lambasted me and made mockery of it , but i persisted that i will learn something in the I.T field as a side program whiles on campus , i started and it was difficult in the beginning but today the short course i took in I.T which is web development has made it possible for me to pay my own fees and also be kind to my friends when they need money , but initially it was the same friends who discouraged me but i never gave up because i didn't forbid my dream just to please my friends but unfortunately this is what is going on on campus, we often share our dreams with our friends and they end up discouraging us from pursuing such dream, because they know that when we excel in the dream we will be better off than them.

4. Buying more instead of cooking : If we want to save money and also have a good eating habit then we should prioritize the act of cooking more often instead of buying foods from the cafe;s and restaurants which are more expensive. I remember when i first came to campus and knew no one I will do my possible best to eat all the sweet meals on campus and request for money the next week , i was actually living with no budget, and this is what happens when you buy more instead of cooking, cooking helps you to save more money and prepare for difficult times ahead whiles you lighten the burden of financing your academic on your parents.

5. Relationship:

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