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(Photos):See what two female University students were caught doing on campus(details)

Thanks for clicking this article,please follow KobbyRamsco for more News.Two female University students were caught fighting over a boyfriend who happens to be their grandfather.This started when both began to suspect each other of going out with the man.This man use to visit one of the ladies in school.According to the explanation from one of the ladies,this man use to buy them gifts and money whenever he comes to visit one of the ladies.oneday he asked a certain lady to follow her to his car to accompany him to purchase some provisions,not knowing that,the lady he used to visit always in the school has become very jealous of the initiative and the movement taken by the man.

At that moment,she did not showcased any attitude towards the initiative of the man by allowing her friend to accompany him.This made her became very angry.So within some few minutes they came back with some provisions including the lady's own.The man decided to converse with them for some minutes, later left.When the man left,the lady who was jealous pounced on the lady whom the man went out with.and as you can see from above,they engaged in a grudge.These two students fought for some minutes until one of the male students appeared to calm them down.This kind of attitude is becoming rampant in our various universities in this country.I still don't understand.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.

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