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College Education


Student funny answers to a teacher's questions has got attention.

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Education is defined as "The process of receiving or giving systematic instructions, especially at a school or University.

I remember back in the days when a teacher gives you an assignment or homework or class exercise, whom are you not to do it. You will smell pepper, but it seems the generation of these days had taken a everything to be granted due to some policies implemented by the government of teachers not using cane on students.

After a teacher teaching, what is expected of him is to give the students exercise based on what he has taught them whether to know they have understood what the teacher had taught them or not.

But it is quite obvious that, students of nowadays can tell a teacher whatever comes into their mind, whether it is offensive or not, they don't care. There is a picture circulating on Facebook of how a student answered a question given to him by his teacher, though the school where this happened is not yet known, but the way the student answered the questions is so funny so the extent that, it will make you laugh out loud the whole day.

I know for sure the student would be severely punished due to what the teacher wrote under the answer after marking the paper.

These hilarious pictures will make you laugh out loud the whole day, but this is something that must be curb among students in various Schools, about how much fun they make of teachers instead of them taking their academic seriously.

Below are the funny answers a student provided for a teacher.

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