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Encouraging The Habit of Reading Among Ghanaian Children

Reading is very important for broadening the horizon of every person. Encouraging reading among children, has a lot of benefit for these children, which could also help in developing our society in the nearest future. Children who develop the habit of reading have an advantage in getting exposed to new vocabulary and good communication skills. 

Most of these children are also able to perform better in school. Reading books that are not associated with academics, also helps expose children to different cultures and help them learn new things that can build them up. 

To encourage reading among children, parents should also develop the habit of buying both fiction and nonfiction books on a regular basis for their children. Parents are not supposed to leave the role of encouraging reading among their children, in the hands of teachers only. Parents must put in maximum efforts to encourage their young ones to read other materials aside their textbook and notebooks. It doesn't matter if it is the junior graphic. Although they might have the opportunity to read other books in their school library, they should also have the opportunity to own these books so they can read at any time and anywhere. Owning these books will also help children to cherish them and would not want to lose their reading materials. 

Parents should also encourage their younger ones to visit the library on regular basis in order to get exposed to different kinds of reading materials. Children enrolled in schools with no library facilities, are to be encouraged to visit public libraries. They should know that going to read at public libraries will cost them nothing. They should understand that, in the public library, they can borrow books. 

Children across the country have different taste concerning things they read. There are some who love books on ghosts, others on magic, girlish attitudes among others. However no matter the kind of books children prefer, they should be given the chance to choose their own books from the shelves of the library. As time goes on, a child with taste for certain peculiar topics can be encouraged to blend some few other topics in other to know more about other things aside their preference. They should not be discouraged on the things they choose to read. 

They should only be prevented if the kind of materials they choose can have a lot of negative impact on their lives. If possible, books and other reading materials owned by children are supposed to be well kept in a suitable environment where the children can easily access. Some children will read a book and love to read it over and over again. 

They may also want to make reference to their reading materials in time of need. For this reason, personal reading materials of these children are supposed to be well kept in a room where they can access easily. It should also be a place where toddlers or insects cannot destroy it. This will also help the children to value their reading materials and other reading materials they see outside the home. 

They should also be allowed to take part in quizzes, spelling competition, among others which will stimulate their habit of reading. With this, they will always be on their toes to read in order to get exposed to the new vocabularies and general knowledge that will help them win the competition. 

In conclusion, children who find it difficult to read and those who dislike the habit of reading need the maximum encouragement from parents, teachers and older people so that they do not limit themselves to their academics alone, in order to broaden their horizon. 

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