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We Are Disheartened- Teachers Say After Their Gathering With Government Authorities

Striking instructor unions have communicated their failure as the result of the partner commitment they had with the Services of Business and Schooling, the Ghana Training Administration, Fair Wages and Compensations Commission.

Correspondence Chief for Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana (CCT-Gh) Adokwei Ayikwi-Awulley told Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Dawn, Thursday 7 June 2022 that generally that the public authority's group told the striking instructor unions during their commitment last Wednesday that the interest by the teachers was genuine and mentioned for a time yet couldn't indicate when.

"We were thinking the pastor of work was coming from the side of the public authority so he would agree that he has been commanded to let us know what the public authority needs to offer however he accompanied nothing saying he has no order to get together with something" he referenced.

Mr Adokwei proceeded to say "He came without a command; that is how we term it. That they are currently going to talk about it and that anything emerges from it he will call us and put it before us. He accompanied no arrangement. They accompanied two main pressing concerns. Consequently; we have heard it and we are currently going to consider it to pursue the last choice, and we are begging you to return to the homeroom. There's nothing more to it" he told 3FM

In participation at the gathering was a delegate from the Finance Ministry, Pastor of Schooling, C.E.O of Fair Wages and Pay rates Commission, and the Chief General of Ghana Training Administration.

In response to the ideas by certain individuals that assuming the public authority had the cash, it would have satisfied their needs yet the public authority doesn't have the cash to that end they have gone to the IMF. The head of the teachers union said the public authority ought to simply be straightforward to let them know there is no cash.

"They said OK, what we are requesting for is genuine and they can't challenge it. They will examine it and hit us up. They ought to have said that they don't have the means".

He further rebuked the public authority to treat the interest for 20% COLA exceptionally in a serious way else it could turn into a national security issue because different unions are likewise binding their boots yet they don't believe that it should be a summed up strike. The government ought to attempt to nib the issue in the bud as soon as could be expected.

The Leader of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers forewarned that on the off chance that activity isn't taken quickly, there will be a circumstance by which around 600,000 managers would pour onto the roads and halting them will be troublesome.

"We will give them time, however, we won't return to the homeroom" he closed

Four pre-tertiary unions; Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) and Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) left on an endless strike from Monday, July 4.

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