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Double Track: Students Are Being Shortchanged in Number of Hours Expected to Stay in School?

Double Track: Students Are Been Shortchanged in Number of Hours Expected to Stay in School?

Management of Ghana Education Service released a double track calendar for schools in the beginning of the academic year, per the calendar students were expected to have one thousand and eighty hours in class. The final students reported to school and they were sent back home due inadequate furniture in the schools.

CHASS proposed to Government to reschedule the reopen date for the final year students due to lack of furniture. They were hoping that by 5th May, the furniture would be supplied to the schools, SHS 3 Students are to report to school on 5th May, 2021. Has the furniture been procured? CHASS is yet to make a statement on this issue.

The Second year Green track students academic semester was shortened for two weeks, the school have one hour per lesson and and 6 periods a day, that is six hours a day. Two weeks lost means 60 hours lost.

SHS 1 students went to school for about two weeks and they came back home for one week Easter holidays. and they are to vacate on 4th May, 2021, how do students get the thousand and eighty contract hours in schools as the Ghana Education Service has specified. 

Strategically the SHS 2 Gold student and SHS1 Students are to make way for the final year students, both tracks cannot be in school at the same period. The enrollment figures of the first year students is higher than the final year students. 

SHS1 Gold students had about seven weeks in school, how many weeks make a term or semester? but GES keep telling us that the student will have their thousand and eighty contract hours in school, the students are been shortchanged.

The second year students Gold track students stayed at home almost the whole academic year and no intervention to for them to get the contract hours lost. They were given wholesale promotion. Students are loosing more contract hours in school.

Per Ghana Education Service directives, the SHS 3 Students will stay in school until they finished with WASSCE. 

Longer school days could result in attention deficit and fatigue, making the extra class time ineffective. When students are too tired or mentally exhausted to concentrate, the last hour of the day becomes useless. 

More time spent in school doesn't necessarily result in higher test scores. SHS 3 Students in the country are to spend more hours in school. 

Children spent an average of 1,146 instructional hours per year in school, Ghana Education Service want children to spend 1080 hours in a semester.

By Nedved 

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