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6 reason why teachers make the best husbands and wives.

If you ever get an opportunity to marry a teacher, don't blink twice, grab it with every strength you have because they make good partners. The virtues and qualities teachers cultivate during their teaching careers goes a long way to make them good people to have as marriage partners. This article tells seven reasons one should consider choosing a teacher as a soul mate.

1.They are incredibly supportive.

Teachers are very responsible when it comes to performing duties in marriage due to their supportive demeanors. You will recall when you were in school, on some occasions, a teacher can defray school fees arears of a needy students. They can go to the extent of buying books and learning materials for a student in bid to support his or her studies. So you can imagine how much they would want to give that same help to their spouse.

2. Teachers are good communicators.

The teaching job predominately involves a lot of communication, therefore they adopt various strategies in listening attentively and communicating to their pupils to ensure the appropriate transmission of knowledge.

Since communication is also a rudiment for health marriage and relationships, having a partner who would give you a listening ear and a good communicator would make you happy.

3. Free tuition for your children.

Your children academic capabilities would be greatly enhanced right at home without paying any sum of money when you have a teacher as a spouse. Teachers have great passion for their job and always want children to excel. Therefore they would do same for their own kids as well.

4. Teachers are very patient.

Teacher are patient individuals who take time before reacting. Teachers are faced with all kinds of annoyances from students daily. It takes great patience to deal with the wide range of individual differences likes introverts, extroverts, and disabled students at school. As a result, they know when to react and when not to react when provoked. Besides, they are not abusive.

5. Teachers are the best during decision making.

Teachers are pros when it comes to making quick decisions which yields results. Students approaching them regularly to seek remedy to their problems, quick decisions needed to ensure the running of schools help equip teachers in the aspects of decision making. If your spouse is a teacher, then you already have a reliable source of advise and decisions that would make you marriage enjoyable.

6. Teachers have less stressful schedules.

Your spouse gives you the attention you need and spends time with the family when he or she is a teacher by profession.

Teachers schedules are less stressful so they don't spend long hours at work. As a result, they have ample time for leisure and their family.

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