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Good News For All Senior High Green Track Students

It's been almost three months now since the green trackers came home. A lot has been going on about schools, and the form one's coming in. Many said that they had to leave the school and come home, to provide enough space for the form one's to occupy. Well we're in the month of may now, and soon we'll be entering the month of June.

And for all we know, the green trackers are to report to school on the 1st of June. It's been so long since they sat home, and only God knows how it might have been for them. Not going to school and not learning for three whole months, it is a lot to handle. Good news is that, finally they'll be able to go back to school in a short period of time. June is no far from two weeks from now, so all green track Students will be returning to school very soon. So what they should do from now, is to prepare for school will be reopening soon.

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