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Swiming lessons: Curvy Model shows her swimming skills and its awesome.

A beautiful, curvy model is causing stir with her swimming skills. Take a look at some of her pictures and swimming skills.

All teachers working in a swimming pool environment have the responsibility for the health and safety of people they are teaching. The ultimate responsibility rests with the manager of the pool who will set certain standards covering all aspects relating to the operation of the facility within which the session takes place. This is, however, very much at the contract level and, in practice, the responsibility lies with the teacher working on the poolside and in particular, the person in overall control of the session. Any effective health and safety policy relies upon all parties being familiar with the procedures adopted for the pool in which the teacher is working. A core responsibility of all teachers is to provide their pupils with a safe learning environment in which they can develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Picture credit : instagram

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