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Prove me wrong: See what your birth month says about your life, riches, And relationship

If you were born in April, the number 3 is an influence. You often find yourself in the right place at the right time. The same applies to all the months respectively.

The teacher’s knowledge level in the school curriculum will inform their professional values and attitudes, professional practice as well as the entire educational process at large.

The relevance of the school curriculum to the teacher can also be witnessed in these regards:

Teachers’ knowledge in the curriculum will help them to recognize and prioritize the needs and aspirations of societies.

Since societal needs and aspirations form the basis of curriculum goals, aims, and objectives, teachers’ understanding of them will reflect and promote the values which are important to the societies. 

For example, The Pre-Tertiary Educational Curriculum Framework outlines core values such as respect, diversity, equity, collaboration, commitment, truth, and integrity as the needs of Ghanaian societies.

Consequently, teachers’ awareness of these will enable them to select appropriate contents and pedagogies that address these societal needs.

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