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19.75% Get F9 In Integrated Science; Is This Something Our Education Ministry Should Take Serious?

After months of waiting for the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results, it has been finally released and the results were a little below expectations, considering the Free senior high school the candidates enjoyed.

In the English Language, 57.34% passed while the rest of the 42.67% had D, E and F which means they failed to reach the passing point.

In mathematics, the pass percentage was higher as 65.71% passed with the remaining 34.29% feel below the pass mark. Things were almost similar in Social Studies, where 64.31% passed the paper with 35.69% having a failed grade.

The Integrated Science paper is the most popular one here because, some WASSCE students after writing the paper accused the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) for misleading them. 52.53% of candidates had A to C, whole 47.47% took home D, E and F respectively.

Social studies had the worst percentage of F9's with 20.81%, while Maths had the best pass rate of 65.71%.

With how the country has invested in their education, should the fail rate be this high?

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